Live Like a Local during your visit to 4Paws Kingdom Campground and Dog Retreat

We have some savvy travelers that visit 4Paws Kingdom, many of which travel full time or enjoy a nomadic retirement lifestyle. However, even the most experienced travelers don’t always know the local hot spots. Sure it is easy to Google places to eat near me or look up top sites on Trip Advisor to find things to do, but those are a dime a dozen.  Where are the hidden gems? What are the folk stories and where do they lead? Where can you find the hole-in-the-wall dives that we all know to have the best in local food? Look no further, we’ve got your Live Like a Local guidebook right here. Explore, enjoy and let us know your favorite new spot.

Carrier House Bed & Breakfast

The Cherry Bounce Trail

Fashioned after a famous moonshine route used to run Amos Owens’ sought after Cherry Bounce shine, this trail has now become a local favorite for exploring the county and taking in local spirits. Start your adventure in the beautiful Golden Valley region of Bostic where Amos Owens picked the cherries for his famous concoction and by the way also threw one heck of a party each year. Today, you can sample local, legal spirits at the Defiant Whiskey Distillery which happens to be one of the first stops on the tour. Afterwards, follow the trail and discover other hot spots such as the famous Washburn’s Store, an antique car museum and enough local eateries to keep your bellies filled all day long.  Take your time, enjoy the ride.  Download a map of the Cherry Bounce Trail and other scenic drives around the county here.

  • Golden Valley
  • Washburn Store
  • Bennetts Car Museum

The Shake Shop

One of the county's oldest eateries, most tourists would just drive by without giving it a thought. It isn’t much on the eyes, but your taste buds will thank you. Cooking up the biggest, fattest and yummiest hamburger you will ever taste, it is the ONLY thing you need to order.  We highly recommend the Bacon Cheeseburger Special.  Local tip - You have to say “special” on the end to get the really big burgers. Visit their Facebook page for more info and directions.

The Shake Shop

The NC Gold Rush Trail

We all know about the California Gold Rush, but did you know the first gold rush in America happened right here in North Carolina almost 50 years before the California Gold Rush?  That’s right, and not only that, but the first $1 gold coin in America was minted right here in Rutherford County by Christopher Betchler. He owned a local mint that at one time minted more coins than the Federal Reserve!  You can explore Betchler’s house and learn more about America’s First Gold Rush all less than 5 miles from the campground. Visit their website here for more information and how to schedule a tour.


The Bechtler House

Abraham Lincoln born in NC? Say what?

That’s right, we are rewriting the history books in the little Town of Bostic with sufficient evidence that Abraham Lincoln’s mother was actually working in Bostic when she gave birth to him and then they traveled on to the homestead in Kentucky. You can tour the Bostic Lincoln Center, one of the stops on The Cherry Bounce Trail, and decide for yourself. We make a compelling argument, what do you think?



Davis Doughnuts

You can’t come to Rutherford County and not visit the Davis Doughnut House. A part of our county for the better part of a century now, Davis has long been known as the place to go for that morning sweet treat. We say morning because these things are so popular that many days if you don’t get there by 10:00AM they are sold out. They make a certain amount of doughnuts fresh every morning and once they are gone, they are gone. So wake up early and make the journey to Forest City for these amazing creations. You won’t be disappointed. Visit their Facebook page here for a preview.