Wine Weekend at 4Paws - What you missed...

The weekend kicked off with a Meet and Greet, like every Friday night, where we met new friends and got to know each other a little more around the campfire. All the guests were a buzz with talks about Saturday. You could see the dogs perk up at the mere mention of the Pond Park and Lure Coursing.


After a good night's sleep both humans and canines were ready for fun!  Paul kicked off the morning with a guest favorite, lure coursing. There was quite a crowd that gathered. Some guests were barking their excitement as if to say, "Unhook me, let me at it. I'm gonna catch it this time. I just know it!" Other guests were curious about what was causing all of the excitement. Then with a flick of the switch, they were off. Below is a pic of Carrie, who came very close to actually catching the lure!

Next up...Cool down at Pond Park
After all of that exercising, we needed to cool down. Time for some swimming in the pond and ball chasing with new friends. 


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Finally Wine Time!
This was mostly just for the human guests, but the pups seemed to like seeing each other again too. Our friends at Parker-Binns Vineyard and Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards set up a wine tasting for guests and we provided some cheese and cracker plates as a little extra treat! Check out the footage below, especially the new puppy cam which really got up close and personal with our fur friends.

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