This section is for your human traveling companion.  They always have questions, so we want to give them as much information as possible.

Can two-legged children accompany us?

Only if they are over 18 years old. Four Paws Kingdom is dedicated to adults 18 and over and their canine companions. All our events and activities are geared toward adults and all open space is dedicated to off-leash dog areas. Therefore, all human campers and guests must be at least 18 years old.


Do you make exceptions to the 18-and-over policy for humans?

No.  We do not allow any humans under 18 to enter the gates at 4PK.


The site indicates that proof of rabies vaccination is required of all dogs prior to arrival.  My dog does NOT have a current rabies vaccination because it has passed a titer test or my vet has indicated that my dog shouldn't get a rabies shot.  Will they still be allowed?

Unfortunately not.  The State of North Carolina does not make exceptions to the 100% rabies vaccination rules for dogs even though other states might.  As a result, we need to ensure that every dog in our park meets those requirements for the safety of both our human AND non-human guests.  The only exception is puppies less than 4 months old and that must be cleared in advance with our office.


Do I have to bring a dog to stay with you?

Four Paws Kingdom is a fun place for any adult to enjoy. It does help to like dogs if you camp here because most of our campers bring their pets.


Can I use my golf cart or other small motorized vehicles at the park?

We do NOT allow the use of golf carts, ATVs, or motorized scooters on our property.  You may have them on your site but they may not be used during tyour visit.  The safety of our human and non-human guests is at the heart of our decisions.


I have a GPS unit, should I use that to find my way to you?

For all large RV's, Motor Homes, large 5th wheels etc. we strongly encourage you to use our "big rig friendly" directions. GPS units and mapping programs like Mapquest and Google Maps may send you up narrow, winding roads or direct you into a neighborhood cul-de-sac.


I would just like to come and see the place. Can I just ride around and look at everything?

We are happy to allow you to come check out the campground. We recommend that you call ahead to let us know that you are coming. We also ask that you stop by the office to let us know you are here. We'll be happy to take you on a guided tour or you can explore on your own. Note that the campground is closed between Thanksgiving and Mid-March. During that time, no visitors are allowed on the grounds.


What RV sizes can you accommodate?

Our sites - ranging from 50 - 110 feet in length - are designed to accommodate almost any size RV. We feature 30 and 50 AMP and many sites have room for double, triple and even quadruple slide-outs. Our online booking program considers the length of your RV before suggesting sites for you. If you have questions, please give us a call and we can help pick the perfect spot.


Can I make a reservation for a specific site?

Our online booking system will optimize reservations for the greatest occupancy. If you are booking a site or rental unit that is subject to being optimized, our online booking program will offer you a one-time lock fee to assure you keep the site you request. If you choose not to lock the site, you may be moved in order to assure maximum occupancy to accomodate other campers. 


What is your "Season"?

Our season will start in mid-March and ends on the Monday following Thanksgiving.


When can I start to make a site reservation?

Our online booking program is always available to make your reservation up to 2 years in the future. We are also happy to assist if you call our office.


The weather doesn't look good or I've had a change of plans.  Can I get a refund or credit for a future stay?

It depends on how far in advance you cancel and what type of site or rental you have.  Please review our Reservation/Cancellation Policies here prior to booking.


What are your prices per night?

You can check out our prices on our Rentals and RV Sites pages.  Rates are listed by rental type.


Do you accept tent camping and/or pop-up campers?

We do not offer any tent camping but do allow RVIA certified pop-up campers.


Do you have restrictions on age, type, or condition of RVs?

We require that all vehicles must be operable and in good condition. We have RV Standards to help our guests understand any limitations we have on RVs entering the campground. Our focus is on the safety of our guests and the overall experience of everyone who comes here. Please reach out if you have specific questions about the vehicle you travel in.


Do you honor memberships like AAA, AARP or GOOD SAM?

We have set our rates such that the same rates are offered to everyone.


Do you have internet access?

We offer complimentary WIFI internet access throughout the campground. It is intended for use for checking e-mail and light browsing. It will NOT work with high bandwidth applications like Skype, VoIP, or video streaming applications (e.g., Netflix, Amazon video, Hulu, etc.).


Is there a car rental station nearby?

We have a relationship with the local Enterprise Car Rental. Tell them you are staying here and they should offer you a 10% discount. Their number is 828-286-1801.


What is the policy on fire rings and BBQ’s?

Open campfires are only allowed in fire rings. Gas and charcoal grills are allowed on all sites. For your safety and the preservation of our natural beauty, please refrain from "off-roading" to collect wood. We will happily deliver a bundle of kiln-dried firewood to your site for $6.00.

NOTE: If a state imposed burn ban is in effect, the rules described above are overridden and campfires of any kind may be prohibited.


Can I watch TV?

We provide cable TV hookup at each RV site and in rental cabins/trailers. All major networks are provided along with many other options.


How is cell coverage?

Cell phone coverage can be challenging in the campground. Verizon seems to be the best option at this time.  Generally the Verizon signal ranges from 5G at the top of the driveway down to 1 bar of LTE at the bottom of the park.


Can I set up a park model or RV on a seasonal basis?

We do not offer any seasonal sites. No stays over 28 days are allowed.


You are dog-friendly, does that mean my dog can run free all the time?

For the safety of everyone, all dogs have to be on a leash when outside of the designated off-leash areas. Dogs also have to be indoors (in your camper) overnight and while the owners are gone (shopping, sight-seeing etc.) We do allow X-Pens on your campsite.


Do you offer a dog-walking service if we decide to go on a day-trip?

We offer a dog-walking service on an as-available basis by one of our 4PK Crew Members.  Please inquire at the office, as it will be schedule-dependent.


Can all pets visit or is it only open to dog owners?

Although "Four Paws Kingdom" is designed for people traveling with dogs, other pets are also welcome. Use of facilities is limited to well behaved pets regardless of breed and only dogs are allowed in off-leash areas.


We would like to have a Rally or meeting with our dog club at your place, can you accommodate us?

We are always looking forward to host Rallies, special events, meetings or get-togethers. With enough notice, you may be able to rent the whole place or just some sites.  Four Paws Kingdom will always try to meet your specific needs. Just call or email us and we help you to make it happen!


What is the weather like?

For weather information please visit weather.com at: https://weather.com/weather/today/l/28139:4:US


Are there grocery stores and restaurants nearby?

The closest grocery store is ~ 7 miles from the campground. There are restaurants closer and many options within a 10-mile radius. For detailed information on shopping opportunities and dining options visit this link